Level 1 Refs Course

The recent Level 1 Referees course led by Graham Crafter was extremely successful with all candidates passing the theory exam. Thanks to those who gave up their time.

When a full set of fixtures are available practical assessments will be initiated.

Below is a list of attendees and their results congratulations to everyone.

Name Club Pass %
Bethany Mclellan Kingfisher 73
Chris Martin Kingfisher 79
Hannah Lindsay UKC 63
Claire Colman UKC 70
John Haggart Bearsted 95
Tom Holder Tornadoes 79
Ryan Kirby Kingfisher 68
Mallory Gore Kingfisher 78
Natalie Hicks Kingfisher 69
Steve Kirby Kingfisher 79
Liam Kirby Kingfisher 78
Louise Lock Kingfisher 87