Teaching Children Korfball

Jackie Hubbard has produced a detailed coaching manual for teachers/youth leaders and coaches who have little or no experience in teaching children Korfball. Nothing like this has ever been produced for Korfball in the United Kingdom and will hopefully be a major aid to the development of the sport. The manual consists of 69 pages devoted to the many technical aspects of Korfball and these are followed by thirteen lesson plans, each of which is cross-referenced to the relevant technical pages. There are over 120 photographs, many in sequences, and over 40 diagrams to illustrate and support the narrative.

There is also a section comparing Korfball to Netball and Basketball to show that these three sports are quite distinct from one another.

The manual is intended for use in a school or club environment and assumes only one or two teachers/coaches are available to lead each session. Each lesson plan can cater for up to 32 players in the group and using the minimum amount of equipment (two posts, balls, bibs and cones). It is emphasised, however, that the ideal teacher/player ratio is 1:10. Each lesson plan is one hour long and plans can be adapted to suit the age and ability of the children within their class/group.

The manual has been produced with the support of the English Korfball Association and the Kent Sport Leisure and Olympic Service. From the link below you can download the complete manual and lessons plans.