KKA Skills Award


The Korfball Awards Scheme


Supervised by Kent Korfball Association



The KKA has devised, and will be responsible for, the overall management and administration of the scheme, through the Skills Award Co-ordinator.

The KKA permits registered clubs and schools to photocopy any of the literature contained in this Awards Scheme pack.

The KKA will provide the registration forms, lists of the tests, the assessment sheets and the badges upon payment of the costs set out below. (All cheques made payable to the KKA).

The registration fee and Assessment Guide – £7.00, plus £2 for package and postage. This may be obtained before completing Level 1.

Level Badges 1, 2, 3 and 4 – £2.25 each.

Badges may be ordered in packs of 10. £2 package and postage for 10 – 50 badges.

Orders sent to Jackie Hubbard, 3 Mill Lane, Blue Bell Hill, Chatham, Kent ME5 9RB.

For more information email jackiehubbard123@btinternet.com



The club/school must provide at least one assessor, who has a EKA coaching qualification. Details are to be sent to the KKA on registration.

The assessor/s must be present at all times when assessments are being made.

All four levels may be tested at club/school sessions.

The club/school must keep the KKA assessment sheets up to date.

It is the responsibility of the assessor(s) to maintain the high standards and correct techniques expected by the Awards Scheme.

Any person wearing a Skills Award badge but not demonstrating these expected requirements will be asked to name the assessor, who will be reported to the KKA.



Each player must demonstrate the correct skills and attain the necessary results to be awarded each level.

Every player must be assessed by a recognised assessor/coach.

It is not necessary to complete Level 1 before attempting Level 2. It is advisable that Level 2 is taken before the player is put forward for Levels 3 and 4.

Players should remember that technique, co-operation and social awareness play an important part in Levels 3 and 4.

The height of the post and ball size will relate to the age-group requirements determined by the England Korfball Association (EKA) and are as follows:

Under 13's – 3.5m post, size 4 ball
Under 16's – 3.5m post, size 5 ball

There are no time or age limits imposed for completion of the tests.

Contact: development@kentkorfball.com