Development Plan

Kent Korfball Association Development Plan 2014-2017

The Development Plan for the Kent Korfball Association (KKA) for the next three years has been agreed by the Executive Committee (ExCo) and is set out below. The ExCo recognises, however, that events during this period may mean that the Plan will need to be reviewed from time-to-time and it will, an any case, be reviewed at least once a year and rolled forward.

The overall intention is that Kent Korfball will remain the strongest county in playing terms.

It is planned that Kent Korfball will deliver the following during the three year period.

  • The number of registered player will increase by 5 per cent by the end of 2016 (the present number of registered players is circa 400*).
  • There will be at least five newly-qualified referees in each of the three years.
  • There will be a formalised mentoring process for the newly-qualified referees and other qualified referees until they reach their respective aspirational standards.
  • At least one coaching seminar will be held in each of the three years.
  • The KKA ExCo will remain dynamic in its administration of the sport in Kent.  With this in mind, succession planning is crucial so that new, and younger, people will be encouraged to positively take part in administration.
  • Younger korfballers will also be encouraged to take on a few administrative/organisational tasks (eg electronic communications) for which funding will be made available, if needed.
  • The KKA ExCo will use the younger group as a sounding board on specific issues and encouraged to make recommendations to the main KKA ExCo.
  • At least one additional school per annum per club will be introduced to Korfball.
  • Kent Korfball will maintain its links with Europe by means of invitations to foreign clubs to come to the Kent Tournament and by representative Kent teams and club teams taking part in tournaments abroad.

    *Data being compiled

Developing the Image

  • It is intended to further develop the official KKA website so that it is attractive, informative and has newsworthy articles in addition to what is already included.
  • The benefits of using Facebook and Twitter for Korfball in Kent will be fully explored and, if appropriate, developed.
  • A reference document will be compiled covering all aspects of Korfball in Kent (eg policies, playing rules, terms of reference and publications).
  • All the posts will be improved in appearance.
  • The present publications will be reviewed and, if necessary, updated.  The need for any additional material will also be identified and provided.
  • Badges with the KKA logo will be made available for purchase to be sown onto tracksuits etc.
  • County squads’ kit will be replaced, when appropriate, and polo shirts provided.
  • Kent referees will be provided with dedicated kit.


  • Proactive standing sub-committees, with representation from every club, will be formed with specific terms of reference (eg for tournament/playing rules/playing standards and for county squads).
  • Ongoing networking with clubs will be established so that there are specific contact persons for particular issues (eg fixtures, results, refereeing, appeals).
  • There will always be a vetting person for adults having contact with youngsters.

KKA/EKA Co-ordination
There will always be an appointed liaison person between the KKA and EKA.


  • A three-year financial plan will be agreed and rolled forward.
  • A Development Fund will be set up to meet non-annual expenditure items.
  • The Kent Tournament will be used to raise funds for Kent Korfball.
  • The possibility of securing sponsorship or other external funding will be explored.

Date Published 6th January 2014

Reviewed 6th January 2015

Next Review 6th January 2016