KKA Fixtures

KKA CUP FINALS 20th May 2018

Schedule of Play

http://www.transportbudapesta.ro/?kdls=software-grafici-opzioni-binarie&8cc=05 Time source link Comp monterrey mexico dating site Team 1 click Team 2 http://www.siai.it/?ityies=opzioni-binarie-certificate&d27=c4 Referee http://mediaeffectivegroup.pl/?jiiopaa=simple-trade-opcje-binarne-opinie&e7f=5d Assistant
10:00 Plate Warriors Vortex R Summers A Sieber
11:15 U13 Cup Tornadoes Bromley P Locke S McLellan
12:20 U9 Cup Bearsted Bromley K Taylor N/A
13:30 L Cup Kingfisher 2 Tornadoes 2 A Sieber O Mansfield
14:50 U11 Cup Tornadoes Bromley S Kirby S McLellan
16:00 Cup Kingfisher 1 Tornadoes 1 A Dibble A Sieber

EKL 8th April

11:30 EKL NLL Tornadoes Kingfisher TBA

SERL 8th April

12:20 SERL Kings KV 2 Norwich City P Locke
13:50 SERL Kings KV 2 Norwich Ice S Kirby
13:15 SERL NLL Tornadoes 2 Kingfisher 2 C Beale
14:30 SERL Aylesford Bearsted 2 Norwich City S McLellan
17:00 SERL Aylesford Bearsted 2 Norwich Ice D Buckland

KKA 8th April

13:00 KKA2 Aylesford Spartans Vortex http://melroth.com/?komp=opzione-binario&d4b=1c opzione binario Bearsted
15:40 KKA2 Aylesford Warriors Knights http://thenovello.com/alfondie/elkos/3894 Bearsted
13:15 KKA U11 Holmesdale Bearsted Kingfisher Tornadoes
14:00 KKA U9 Holmesdale Bearsted Bromley Red Tornadoes
14:45 KKA U11 Holmesdale Tornadoes Rams Bromley
15:40 KKA U13 Holmesdale Bearsted Bromley P Locke
16:40 KKA U13 Holmesdale Tornadoes Kingfisher Bearsted

SERL 15th April

13:50 SERL Kings KV 2 N Knights 2 K Taylor

KKA 15th April

13:15 KKA2 Aylesford Warriors Vortex follow site KV
14:20 KKA2 Aylesford Knights Spartans http://www.romagnamotorsport.it/?binarnewe=opzioni-binarie-tecniche-di-trading&12e=a4 Tornadoes
15:30 KKA2 Aylesford Rams Vortex http://thenovello.com/alfondie/elkos/2842 P Locke
16:40 KKA2 Aylesford Rams Colts il est des rencontres fertiles qui valent bien des aurores S Kirby
13:15 U11 Cup Holmesdale Kingfisher Bromley Tornadoes
14:00 U11 Cup Holmesdale Bearsted Tornadoes Bromley
15:00 U13 Cup Holmesdale Kingfisher Bromley Bearsted
16:00 U13 Cup Holmesdale Bearsted Tornadoes Kingfisher

EKL 22nd April

17:20 EKL Aylesford Kingfisher Bearsted TBA

KKA 22nd April

13:15 LCup1 Aylesford K-Kingfisher Kingfisher 2 K Taylor
14:00 LCup2 Aylesford Bearsted 2 KV 2 brahmi bacopa 500mg P Locke
16:00 LCup3 Aylesford Loser 1 Loser 2 TBC
13:15 U11 Holmsdale Tornadoes Rams bula remédio pariet 20mg Kingfisher
14:15 U11 Holmsdale Bearsted Bromley Kingfisher
14:55 U11 Holmsdale Kingfisher Rams what is the price of xalatan Bromley
15:55 U13 Holmsdale Bromley Bearsted Kingfisher

KKA 29th April

10:20 SERL Aylesford Kingfisher 2 Harrow O Mansfield
11:45 KKA1 Aylesford Bearsted 2 K-Kingfisher Tornadoes
13:15 KCup SF1 Aylesford Tornadoes KV S Kirby
14:25 KCup SF2 Aylesford Bearsted Kingfisher R Summers
15:45 KKA1 Aylesford Kingfisher 2 K-Kingfisher O Mansfield
17:00 KKA1 Aylesford Tornadoes 2 KV2 P Locke
13:15 U9 Holmsdale Kingfisher Bromley Red Tornadoes
14:00 U11 Holmsdale Kingfisher Bromley Bearsted
14:50 U11 Holmsdale Kingfisher Bromley Bearsted
15:40 U13 Holmsdale Kingfisher Bearsted Tornadoes