EKA Referees

Referees Course

There is a referees theory course this Saturday from 12:00-16:00 at Holmsdale. All are welcome and all ages.

In order to be practically qualified the person does need to be 14 or over.

You will need to bring a notepad, pen and sporting clothes.

If you have a whistle they want to use then they should bring them too.

Contact: Azzy Sieber

EKA Referees

Practical Referees Course

Azzy Sieber will be running at practical referees course on 1st October at Holmsdale School from 1pm-5pm.

The aim of the course is to give practical guidance to referees at all levels (from those interested in refereeing but not qualified all the way to 1A) and everyone is welcome to attend. Additionally, this would also be an excellent course for those that may lack some confidence in refereeing but are looking to pick up a whistle. We can provide you with the skills to become a confident referee and to teach you how to effectively manage the game. Also, those that are experienced and confident referees but are looking for some tips and assessments on their game we can provide this at the course.

The main areas covered are:

Use of the whistle
Signals and using them
Verbal communication
Game management
Rules and Decision Making

If you would like to brush up on SIGNALS

We look forward to seeing you at the course.

EKA Referees

2015-16 Referee Courses

I have managed to get in contact with Graham and have arranged two referee courses.   The first will be held on 31st October and will be in Canterbury and the 2nd will be 27th February in Maidstone area. They are both Saturdays as we have decided this year to move away from the split course over the Mondays. This is so that we hopefully have a higher pass rate for those that attend and was recommended that we did this from Graham. Nearer the time I will email out the current playing rules for clubs to disseminate amongst the people going so that they can have a read before arriving to the course.  This is also available on the Kent website at:
http://kentkorfball.com/refs/rules/   The cost of the course is going to be split between the five clubs of: Bearsted, Kingfisher, KV, Tornadoes and UKC. We have a rough estimate which is £235 which will mean £47 per club. You can send as many people as you would to either course. The cost is likely to change (increase or hopefully decrease) as we are awaiting confirmation of a venue for the course in February and this of course will influence the total price. Below are the details. Please note the course is scheduled to finish at 17:00 with the venue booked until 18:00:   Course 1 Date: Saturday 31st October 2015 Venue: University of Kent, Canterbury. Time: 12:30 – 18:00.   Course 2 Date: Saturday 27th February 2016 Venue: TBC (Maidstone area) Time: 12:30 – 18:00 (Subject to change depending on venue availability).   If you have anyone that would like to attend the course then either email Frank or myself and we will add them to the list. Please when they email us wanting to come; could you attach a contact number that we can use on the day, just incase anything changes, we can let you know last minute.   We will send another email with the confirmed venues and times later this week or next.

Azzy Sieber – KKA Refs Co-ordinator

EKA Referees

Level 1 Refs Course

Graham Crafter will be able to run a Level 1 referees course on Monday 23rd September and Monday 30th September from 7.30 at The Granary, 198 New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, ME20 6ST.

Can all clubs please send a list of their attendees as soon as possible please to Frank.Sieber@blueyonder.co.uk

October Fixtures

Fixtures and Referee appointments have been posted for October up to and including 21.10.12. Could all clubs please check.

KKA League Starts

The Kent League will start on 23rd October and fixtures have been posted for September on the Website.

Referees from clubs have been applied to the fixtures.

Level 2 Refs

Thanks to Graham Crafter who has sucessfully run both the Level 1 and Level 2 referees course, with great detail. All attendees and KKA thank Graham.

The KKA refs committee will look to have some practical session(s) for a few people to build on the Level 2 course.

Level 2 Refs Course

The Level 2 Referees Course will be taking place on Monday 28th November at Church Farm, Larkfield from 7.30pm-10pm. Graham Crafter will be leading the course.

Chris Martin
Steve Kirby
Liam Kirby
Natalie Hicks
Richard Locke
Ian Barnden
Sam Barnden
John Haggart
Chris Beale
Ash Hind
Kieran Taylor
John Sandow
Tom Holder

Level 1 Referee Course

The recent Level 1 Referees course led by Graham Crafter was extremely successful with all candidates passing the theory exam. Thanks to those who gave up their time.

Thanks to Graham for leading the course. When a full set of fixtures are available practical assessments will be initiated.

Below is a list of attendees and their results congratulations to everyone.

Name Club Pass %
Bethany Mclellan Kingfisher 73
Chris Martin Kingfisher 79
Hannah Lindsay UKC 63
Claire Colman UKC 70
John Haggart Bearsted 95
Tom Holder Tornadoes 79
Ryan Kirby Kingfisher 68
Mallory Gore Kingfisher 78
Natalie Hicks Kingfisher 69
Steve Kirby Kingfisher 79
Liam Kirby Kingfisher 78
Louise Lock Kingfisher 87